Roughly 61% of employees do not believe what their leaders are saying...

Be Heard! Get A Jumpstart on the 4-Step Process for Showing Up, Saying What You Mean and Getting What You Want

start making progress towards better communication.

“You are a master at building self-confidence and quickly developing dynamic communication skills. Your energy is infectious, and everyone responded to your encouragement with capabilities they didn't know they had." — Jim Barber, President, The Barber Shop

What's This All About?

Today more than ever, you truly have one chance to make a “first impression.”

Perhaps you're ready for a jumpstart, something to simply get you started on the right path.

That's exactly why I created this impactful audio training to help you begin

Communication is more than just the words you say but a myriad of other factors that will all affect the results of your communication.

Tone of voice, body language, gestures and even the thoughts you are thinking will all have an impact on your communication – one way or the other.


What's Included In Be Heard?

This training was designed to help you start making progress towards better communication. 

Includes a 10-page workbook with an outline of the process and exercises to help you follow-through.

  • Be Heard! Audio Training That Walks You Through My 4-Step Process to Better Communication with the Powerful Performance Process©
  • The 10-Page Workbook Guide to Help You Implement What You Learn
  • A Special, Limited Time Invite to Improve How You Communicate

“Linda is an outstanding coach. In our sessions, she offered me invaluable advice on how to engage and connect the audience during presentations. Her coaching style is unique as she blends deep knowledge on communications skills with high energy, confidence and humor. She is committed to her clients’ success. I also highly recommend her book “All the Workplace is a Stage: Acting Techniques to Create Award-Winning Business Performance”. The analogy of theater is perfect, a really enjoyable reading." — Laura Brandes, Head of Global Merchandising, adidas

Get Audio Training, Workbook, Special Invite to Connect inside Be Heard! Get A Jumpstart On The 4-Step Process For Showing Up, Saying What You Mean And Getting What You Want

Start making progress towards better communication.

Learn the process, apply what you learn and take the next step to help you follow-through.

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