Duplicate – Success

I am sure that we have all experienced being told we COULD DO something for the very first time! And our first reaction is typically to think “no way”! Realistically, we would be correct! At that point in time, we can’t DO it! Now that doesn’t mean we will never be able to do it. Just not […]

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That Time of Year!

That Time of Year! I was recently reminded at a client’s office that this time of year performance reviews take place. A time when employees get feedback on how their work has been viewed by their managers. So, I thought it would be a good idea to give a few tips to the people who […]

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Duplicate – Follow the Crowd

Early on in our discussions, I talked about “people watching” and what you can learn from this experiment. You initially used it to become more aware of what you thought was happening with other people by watching their body language. Now that you have reviewed the four-step process, you can again use it to your […]

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Duplicate – Stormy Days

Initially, more often than not, you might find yourself in a total whirlwind! Hurricane force! I just want you to be aware of that right up front! You might have walked into a situation and have no idea which character would work best. Your mind will start racing, your heart will be pounding, and your […]

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Duplicate – Calm Waters

It would be wonderful if, as you set off on this new practice, everything was calm and peaceful. You could easily navigate throughout your day with ease and contentment. And you will have days like that! Every choice you make will be the absolutely correct character choice in the moment. You will know in advance as you […]

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Anchor- Night at the Opera

Ah, memories! One of the nicest things about doing this process is that you have the opportunity to remember some fabulous moments in your life! And re-create them! One I particularly loved to recall is going to the opera with my mother and my sister. I would order a stretch limousine and have some wonderful […]

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Anchor- Mrs. Crabby

Some days you just feel lousy! You wake up cranky! Everything goes wrong, and you feel like Mrs. Crabby Grumpy Grouchy Sulky – all rolled into one! And as much as you might like to just hide out from everyone, you may not be able to. This is when your “anchor” comes in very handy. […]

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