But which one is the REAL me?

People ask me all the time “If I am taking on a “role” isn’t that being deceitful?” And the answer is “NO.” That’s why is so important to identify the roles that you really ARE, that you portray throughout your day – in both your business and in your personal world. As I mention in […]

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Who ARE you?

Have you ever stopped and really thought about it? So many of us tend to define ourselves by WHAT we DO.  I’m a manager, an engineer, a nurse, an admin, a programmer, a gardener, a pilot, a scientist, an author, a farmer, a technician.  And we could go on and on. While these are certainly […]

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Ever have one of those days?

Everything goes wrong!  You wake up late! Spill your breakfast on yourself! It’s summer and the A/C isn’t working! Get caught in a traffic jam! And then you get to work! And everything that has happened up to that point is whirling through your mind! How do you think that affects you and your interactions […]

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What are You Communicating?

“Who you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you’re saying.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson What does this picture say to you? Whether you know the circumstances or not, what does this “communication” say to you? Notice the body language: the facial expression, the eyes, the mouth, the hand gesture. Look further at the […]

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