Duplicate – Success

By Linda Sherwin / February 10, 2019

I am sure that we have all experienced being told we COULD DO something for the very first time! And our first reaction is typically to think “no way”!

Realistically, we would be correct! At that point in time, we can’t DO it! Now that doesn’t mean we will never be able to do it. Just not right now!

So, what does it take? A lot of trial and error. Taking little steps and achieving those initial wins and then moving forward. Continuing to take small steps and moving forward with the task. Typically, when we achieve something and look back to that initial impression, we often think “what was I thinking? I DID it!”

That applies to this process as well. Start by doing the simple first steps; as I suggest, start by “people watching.” Markdown your observations of others and then move on from there. Ask a close confidante what their observation of you says to them.

Then work through the four-step process gradually so that you can start to make it a daily habit.

  • IDENTIFY your roles
  • PROJECT how you will outwardly display the characterization
  • ANCHOR a word, gesture or object to recreate the full characterization instantly
  • DUPLICATE it every day, and it will become a new habit.

After all, if someone told you that you could hold yourself fully horizontal just using your arms, you would say “no way!”

Well, I’m here to tell you “WAY!”

To Being Heard,


About the author

Linda Sherwin

Linda Sherwin has over 20 years extensive experience in corporate facilitations, coaching, keynotes and presentations in domestic and international markets. Known for her passionate presentation style and high energy, Linda teaches her clients how to tap into their own personal effectiveness to improve the bottomline by encouraging authentic communication at all levels of the organization. Linda is a published author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller All the Workplace is a Stage: Acting Techniques to Create Award-Winning Business Performance.