Project- Dance in the Street

By Linda Sherwin / November 18, 2018

It’s Show Time!

You’ve done it! You know exactly the right tone of voice, gestures, facial expressions, and body language to use to be the authentic YOU in any situation!

An excerpt from my book:

“This second step of the process is immediately applicable – PROJECT. You can review the roles you play and determine which aspects of projection will assist you in making the characterization as authentic as possible and be seen as such.  Being in the moment creates that authenticity. You will be who you are. You will be consistent. You will be clear. Whoever is dealing with you or listening to you will know exactly what you are talking about. The physical benefit of it is that the body will follow with the appropriate reaction and responses.  Be mindful of how you communicate, and as each person starts to do it, it becomes more effective and makes a big positive difference in your organization.”

Set aside some time to work on your words and your voice.  Go out and people-watch. Initially, a place of high emotion will make it a little easier for you to see the distinct differences. Gradually change your viewing location and try to determine what the everyday person is going through as you simply walk around. Notice people’s unusual or non-typical reactions to events.

Then become mindful of your reactions to circumstances and how that may be perceived by others. Be conscious of your facial expressions, the tone of voice and body language and what they portray to the viewer. You never know who is watching you.

And if you feel like dancing in the streets!  Go for it!

To Being Heard,

About the author

Linda Sherwin

Linda Sherwin has over 20 years extensive experience in corporate facilitations, coaching, keynotes and presentations in domestic and international markets. Known for her passionate presentation style and high energy, Linda teaches her clients how to tap into their own personal effectiveness to improve the bottomline by encouraging authentic communication at all levels of the organization. Linda is a published author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller All the Workplace is a Stage: Acting Techniques to Create Award-Winning Business Performance.