Sharing A Bit of Feedback

By Linda Sherwin / March 3, 2019

Today I want to share some of the feedback I’ve gotten from clients over the years.

I’m sure you think it’s wonderful to hear from me, but it’s always good to hear from the client in their own words.

Here’s what a few clients had to say:

“You are a master at building self-confidence and quickly developing dynamic communication skills. Your energy is infectious, and everyone responded to your encouragement with capabilities they didn’t know they had.” — Jim Barber, President, The Barber Shop

“Linda is an outstanding coach. In our sessions, she offered me invaluable advice on how to engage and connect with the audience during presentations. Her coaching style is unique as she blends deep knowledge on communications skills with high energy, confidence, and humor. She is committed to her clients’ success. I also highly recommend her book “All the Workplace is a Stage: Acting Techniques to Create Award-Winning Business Performance.” The analogy of theater is perfect, a really enjoyable reading.” – Laura Brandes, Head of Global Merchandising, Adidas

“Linda delivers information worth millions. Her style of interaction with our group has left lasting impressions never to be forgotten.” — Daniel Garzon, GBSA, H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Nova Southeastern University

You can see what other clients had to say when you visit my website (in the About section, under Client Praise).

To Being Heard,

About the author

Linda Sherwin

Linda Sherwin has over 20 years extensive experience in corporate facilitations, coaching, keynotes and presentations in domestic and international markets. Known for her passionate presentation style and high energy, Linda teaches her clients how to tap into their own personal effectiveness to improve the bottomline by encouraging authentic communication at all levels of the organization. Linda is a published author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller All the Workplace is a Stage: Acting Techniques to Create Award-Winning Business Performance.